Wednesdays at 10am for pre-school children

What is Toddlers?

Toddlers is a place for the young ones to play together before they start school. With hundreds of toys, plenty of friends, and a large space, toddlers can play freely with others in a morning filled with activity.

A young child playing with a train set.

What's it like?

Although Toddlers is held in a church building, we re-arrange the seating and introduce a large quantity of toys. Children are free to play with whatever, whenever, and we frequently have a ball-pit available to swim around in. Towards the end of the morning, a sing-along time is held (which is a favourite for many!), where everyone joins in, singing nursery rhymes.

Young children playing with toy kitchen items.

Great for adults too!

Although the group is aimed primarily at toddlers, it is often a popular place for parents & carers to meet. Alongside refreshments (which are free for the toddlers, and a small charge for adults), the seating is arranged so that it’s easy to talk whilst still being close to the children.


Wednesdays at 10:00am to 11:15am

A free, weekly activity held in the Worship Hall at West Mersea Free Church.
There is no cost to attend, but refreshments for adults cost 50p.

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