Church Missions

We support a range of organisations regionally and internationally

Christian Youth Outreach (CYO)

Colchester, United Kingdom

The Christian Youth Outreach (CYO) is a Christian charity that works with schools and youth groups in Colchester to help young people grow in life and faith. This is done by providing chaplains for pastoral support and spiritual development within schools, with a number of other projects run to help people explore positive lifestyles, spirituality, and Christianity.

Mersea Beach Club

Mersea Island, United Kingdom

Offering a range of groups for children of all ages, and a group for parents & toddlers, Beach Club shares Bible characters and parables in a way that everyone can understand. Starting and ending the morning on a mound of sand, the community gather together to enjoy times of listening, learning, and sharing in the wonder of the Bible.

Operation Mobilisation (OM)

International Organisation

Working around the world to spread Jesus’ name, OM inspires introduces God with vibrant worship and prayer. OM also helps to provide aid to isolated communities.

OM works primarily from its unique converted shipping vessels, including the Logos Hope, which it uses to move resources and people around the globe to reach the unreachable.

BMS World Mission
& BMS Action Teams

International Organisation

BMS has long-term mission personnel in Afghanistan, working in the ministries of education, health, and development. Since 1997, BMS has served as one of the international associations serving the people of Afghanistan through projects of transformation.
It is particularly difficult as a missionary in Afghanistan because of the religious and political instability that is a great problem in the country. With a national religion of Islam, and many extremist attacks, being a Christian is not easy in such an environment.

Eastern Baptist Association

East Anglia, United Kingdom

A family of Baptist Churches from throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridge, the Eastern Baptist Association (EBA) are a fellowship together that encourage and resource each other for the work of the Christian mission.