Christmas Report 2016

A photo from our filming of the nativity, with children dressed as shepherds and sheep.

The Causeway Kids & Hype
Christmas Service

During the service this year Causeway Kids and Hype provided a live news report on the events happening in Bethlehem. The videos below are the interviews conducted by the reporting team, as part of the service.

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Interview with the Shepherds

A group of shepherds were visited by Angels.

“A very special baby has been born in Bethlehem” said the angels, convincing the shepherds to visit a stable.

Interview with the Innkeepers

The hotel staff at premier hotel NOEL provided accommodation for the parents of little baby Jesus.

Unfortunately the only available space was that of the old stables.

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Interview with the Wise Men

Our reporter spoke to three very intelligent individuals who followed an irregularity in the constellations, which led them to a stable in Bethlehem.

Interview with Herod’s Servant

An exclusive report from the perspective of Herod’s palace.

King Herod is reportedly angry about being betrayed by the wise men who took an alternative route back from the stable, leaving the whereabouts of the newborn king unknown.

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Interview with the Angels

We were able to speak with some of the angels responsible for delivering God’s message to Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men.

Interview with Mary & Joseph

The parents of baby Jesus are blessed to have been chosen by God to carry His son.

They will bring up Jesus and teach him the ways of the Lord.

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That concludes the news report.

We hope that you enjoyed watching our Christmas Report just as much as we enjoyed making it. Our report this year was presented alongside a number of live scenes from our studio, with these videos only showing the bits filmed ‘on location’.