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Join us for our Sunday morning worship as we continue to explore what it means, in these world shaking times, to build our lives on The Rock. This week we're thinking about what the Bible is: why we can trust it, what its role is in our lives, and how we can read it and understand more about how it applies to our lives.

When we make a decision based on a moral basis, there are two ways to look: the I/they say, or what the Bible says. The Bible becomes a baseline for our moral decisions - because it claims to be God-breathed (you can learn more about this in our upcoming Alpha course). We know the Bible is authenticate as it's based on manuscripts, supported by archaeology and fulfils prophecy.

The Bible builds towards its central character: Jesus. It teaches us, and it inspires us. Jesus tells us to not just look at the Bible, and not just read it, but to do what it says.

When we approach the Bible, we should:

  • ask the Holy Spirit to help us
  • be Excited
  • look at All of scripture
  • Respond

Favourite song

Today we spoke to Lisa, a children's social worker, continuing throughout these challenging times to help young people. Her favourite song is Amazing Grace, which guides our faith and helps us to endure trials. It's a message to all of us that God redeems and forgives us, despite all that we might have done.


Our reading this week is, Matthew 7:24-29 (MSG), read to us by Richard.

Update on using the church building

Although the government has allowed for church buildings to open for private prayer, the Elders and Deacons have made a unanimous decision to keep the church building closed.

Read more about our reasons for this decision online.

Join Alpha this week

Alpha is a course that gives you a place to ask questions, consider who God is, who Jesus is, and explore faith a little bit more. It's a place where you're free to ask questions, learn more about the Holy Spirit, and think about prayer.

We'd love for you to take part - you're welcome to join whether you're new to church, or have known God all your life. We're holding it online, so you can join from wherever you are in the world.

For more information, or to sign up, visit our Alpha page or email [email protected].

Share on the wall

It's absolutely great hearing from you, discovering things you've been doing, and sharing your encouragement. We would love for you to continue to send in pictures, tell us what you've been up to and learn of the ways God has been speaking to and encouraging you. We'd also like to share these to help encourage others at this difficult time. There's more information about how you can share this with us on our website.

Watching online

Some people are experiencing difficulties watching the stream. If you can't see the video, you may be able to watch the video on Facebook.


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