Nothing New? Abraham & Lot
11 February 2018

Nothing New? Abraham & Lot

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It's a sermon topic often avoided, but one that also provides a valuable insight into the lives and stories of the Bible.

Through Abraham and Lot, we can learn about God's promises, trust and justice - and how we must too, take a leap of faith to be close to God.

This fourth instalment of the Nothing New? sermon series for 2018 helps to unravel the stories of Genesis, and how they continue to be relevant today.

The beginning of the sermon contains a short game guessing the identities of famous individuals based off of their headlines - showing that a headline doesn't fully represent who someone is. The accompanying presentation for this can be downloaded using the links below.

Following the sermon, we listened to Hillsong Worship's song Calvary, reflecting upon our own leaps of faith.

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