Nothing New? Sarah & Hagar
18 February 2018

Nothing New? Sarah & Hagar

Passage: Genesis 16:1-10
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The fifth sermon in the Nothing New? sermon series for 2018 is on Sarah & Hagar, and their laughter and tears.

In Genesis 16:1-10, we read about Sarai (who becomes 'Sarah'), who cannot conceive and so Abram (who becomes 'Abraham') has children through Hagar, Sarah's Egyptian slave.

Later, in Genesis 21:1-8, we read about God providing for Abraham by enabling her to conceive in old age, and Sarah saying: "God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me."

These two passages emphasise both the challenges in the world - and show that God provides for us. Andrew speaks particularly about the two different types of laughter & tears we read about, and how God is able to fix our problems.

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