Hmmm: Salvation (Week 1)
23 April 2017

Hmmm: Salvation (Week 1)

During week 6 of the Things That Make You Go 'Hmmm' sermon series, Rob Hughes starts the 3-week topic on Salvation. The service builds from 'What is Salvation?' to 'How can I be saved?' through passages, prayer, and short clips that show how our relationship with God leads to salvation.

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During the sermon, there are a few short clips and a quick presentation:

Clip 1: A short snippet of Blackadder Goes Forth - is praying like writing your own name on a bullet?

Clip 2: Indiana Jones: 'Let it Go' - to reach God, you have to 'let go'.

Clip 3: Amazing Grace: Testimonials - saved by grace.


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