Special CYO Service
26 July 2020

Special CYO Service

Passage: Psalm 91

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Join us today for our morning worship. This week we speak to and pray especially for Colchester Youth Outreach (CYO). We are also joined by Beth, one of our regional ministers, who speaks to us on Psalm 91.

We talk to Tim from CYO, a charity that works in schools and colleges in Colchester providing chaplains and support. They also run a variety of projects in schools providing young people with pastoral and spiritual support.
Tim and CYO ask that we pray for them and:

  • Wisdom and insight in supporting young people
  • The upcoming prayer space activity
  • Creativity with how to engage with schools
  • Young people you know
  • People who work in schools
  • Mentors for young people

If you'd like to get in touch with CYO, you can email [email protected], visit their website at www.cyocolchester.org.uk, or you can read the latest edition of their Scene magazine online.
As part of the service, we also listened to the song King of Kings, with the music by iSingWorship - all rights reserved.

Today's talk

Psalm 91 talks about the fact our shelter and safety can be found in God. Beth speaks about what we can learn from each verse - from verse 1 and dwelling in God's shelter to God's pledges to those who love him described in verses 15 and 16.

Beth then outlines some ways we can dwell with God, practically. How we can be part of God's family, allowing the Spirit to abide with us.

Favourite song

We hear this week from Richard and Julie from Orchard Baptist Church. Richard is at Honywood School, and Julie at Fingringhoe Primary School, both supporting each of the schools.

Richard's favourite song is My Song is Love Unknown, a song that goes through Jesus' life and culminates in a powerful message.

Share on the wall

It's absolutely great hearing from you, discovering things you've been doing, and sharing your encouragement. We would love for you to continue to send in pictures, tell us what you've been up to and learn of the ways God has been speaking to and encouraging you. We'd also like to share these to help encourage others at this difficult time. There's more information about how you can share this with us on our website.