Rock Solid

Thursdays at 18:00 for School Years 5&6

For school years 5 & 6, Rock Solid is a chance for young people to meet up and have fun together in a safe, fun and friendly environment. We start the evening with a variety of games and activities, before a time thinking about life and faith, often prompted by a short video or film, followed by ‘free time’ where people chat, play games (such as Poole, Table Tennis & football), join activities (craft/board games), and have some tuck.


Games. Community. Friendship.

With a table tennis table, a poole table, lots of outdoor space, and multiple community rooms, Rock Solid provides the space and equipment for sports activities, whilst creting new friendships and allowing the youth to spend a small amount of money on a giant range of sweets and drinks.


Thursdays 18:00-19:30, at the Free Church for school years 5-6.

Also for School Years 5-6